sharon circle


Nursery Nurse Apprentice

I decided to change my career after working as a hairdresser since I was 16 years old and I am so pleased I have. Children have always been my passion and I have now had the opportunity to work whilst gaining a qualification. I am currently in the process of completing Level 2 in Young People and Child Care Work Force and hope to progress onto my level 3.

I am really enjoying my experience in my new role although there are also some demanding aspects. I have been out of education for a long time and returning to this has brought on its own demands. I.T. was something that I have had little experience of and having to complete course work online has helped me develop new skills and broaden my knowledge. I have enjoyed being able to used my new found knowledge into practice within the nurseries and have enjoyed my tutor coming to my work place to assess my me. Every day I enjoy coming to work and the variety that it offers on a day to day basis. Seeing the children develop and process as they learn and explore  new things is a highlight of my day.

Working for the NHS has helped me develop my understanding of the NHS role within the community and different career paths available to me once I am qualified.