david circle


Level 7 Accountancy

I joined the Trust following a work experience placement organised by the Princes Trust, a charity that helps young people get into employment. At the time I wanted a job in Pharmacy but as I already had experience in that role they decided that it would be better for me to get different experience, so they placed me in the Procurement Department instead.

In hindsight I am so glad they did.

I enjoyed working in finance, it wasn’t a job I had considered doing up until that point but once I had I wanted to do more. I applied for a position as soon as one opened up and I happily worked there for the next 2 years. After 2 years in procurement the management changed, most of the team were encouraged to do level 3 CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) apprenticeships so that we had more qualified members in procurement. While I was happy in procurement, I was uncertain if I wanted to become qualified and do it long term. I spoke to my manager about my concerns and she helped me arrange a secondment to the Financial Accounts team next door so that I could gain additional experience in other departments.

I worked there for 8 months, and I really enjoyed the experience. I loved having a job which rewarded creative thinking, compared with the unchanging procedures of procurement. I took on more and more duties in that department and pretty soon I didn’t want to leave. I spoke to the head of financial accounts and asked if I could do a master’s degree apprenticeship to become a chartered accountant.

After a short interview process, I now work in Financial Accounts in a full time permanent role. As my role was designed as an apprenticeship taking the 20% time off for study was fairly easy provided I was still meeting the deadlines in my job. A Degree level apprenticeship sounds hard (and it is) but if you never push your limits you won’t advance further

I thoroughly recommend apprenticeships with SCFT and would encourage more people to do them. Even if you are not in a clinical position this is still a great place to work and study.