beth cirlce


Accounting (ATT)

Having previously worked for 13 years in Nightclub management, I decided for change my career up and applied for an admin job in the NHS here, with Sussex Community.

Since joining the Trust in 2013, up until now, I have moved from job to job every couple of years and, although I have always enjoyed my work, I have never had a clear or obvious route for progression.

I decided to apply for the apprenticeship because, at the age of 38, I wanted to finally settle into a career. I had always had an interest in accountancy (I’m slightly odd, and enjoy reconciling figures, finding errors, and I just love when everything balances!) so when the vacancy came up, I couldn’t let it pass me by!

The apprenticeship was a perfect opportunity, as I could remain on my original salary, the course is fully funded by the Trust (so no student debt to worry about!), and I am allowed time within my working hours to complete my course / studies.

Now that I am on the AAT apprenticeship, I can have a defined career path, with personal and professional goals to aim for. I can’t wait for the day I can say I’m a qualified accountant!