anne cricle


Leadership and Management

I have found the apprenticeship a positive but demanding experience. Whilst I have most certainly increased my knowledge and skills as a Team Leader it has required a lot of self-discipline to meet the demands of the course. This opportunity presented itself at an ideal time for me having felt somewhat demotivated. Since starting the apprenticeship I have felt more energised and positive about the future and keen to address my career aspirations by looking for new opportunities.

The course has enabled me to review my performance as a Team Leader in the Healthy Child Programme in Brighton and Hove and to apply the learning to my practice. Through increased knowledge I am able to consider alternative ways to look at issues and arrive at different and more effective solutions. The course resources are extensive, of a high standard and easily accessible by means of an electronic learning platform. I now feel more confident in my Team Leader role, better equipped with a range of theories and techniques that have increased my understanding and skills. I have found it a valuable opportunity for reflective practice and to work closely with my line manager, who has been particularly supportive. I have also enjoyed meeting learners from other services and receiving the support of the course tutor.

There is a time commitment for the course and whilst I was fortunate in negotiating the expected 20% Off the Job Training time, I still find that I am studying a lot in my own time. However I am very glad that I took up this challenge, particularly as I am in my early 60s and would otherwise be working towards retirement. The apprenticeship has given me a boost to remain in employment for longer, and to increase and develop my leadership skills. I find that I am now looking forward to career progression as I approach my forty first year of working in the NHS!