Apprentice of the Year Award

Kerry Wilson was nominated for overcoming personal hurdles to become a valuable member of the team. Kerry goes above and beyond to support patients in meeting their personal rehab goals.

Compassionate Care Award

Cindy Metcalfe was nominated for being patient, caring, highly professional, non-judgmental and compassionate in dealing with particularly challenging cases.

Inclusive Champion Award

Lindsey Stevenson was nominated for passionately representing the Trust as an inclusive employer and organising our most successful pride season to date.

Our Community Way - Quality Improvement Award

Kristy Baldock was nominated for making all of the patients and carers coming into Chailey feel incredibly welcome and playing a key role in developing a new proforma which has had a huge positive impact on patient experience.

Kristy's family kindly accepted the award on her behalf.

Outstanding Contribution Award

Nadia White was nominated for her constant positive outlook and dedication to supporting her team, always taking the time to listen and solve any problems with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

People’s Choice Award

Hayley Caulkett was nominated for her enthusiasm, her fun approach, her kindness and her compassionate care for young patients, which gives families reassurance that their children are in the best possible hands.

Research and Innovation Award

Jane Rowney was nominated for undertaking research which has led to an improvement in the consistency of the administration of insulin by external health care professionals in a home environment.

Making a Difference Award

West Sussex Winter Pressures Falls Programme were nominated for their substantial contribution to supporting both patients who were at risk of falls and the whole system over the winter period.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Ian Ghaleb was nominated for doing not one, not two but three different volunteer roles, including supporting patients during a seated exercise class and during a breakfast group.

Working in Partnership Award

ECHO End of Life care Hub were nominated for a unique partnership between Sussex Community, commissioners and local hospices, which has developed the ECHO End of Life Care Hub.

This provides a single point of access to give patients, relatives and carers the ability to talk to a specialist at any time of day.

This year’s Chair Award goes to Karen Aylmore and The Volunteer Tutors from the Living Well Programme

The volunteer tutors, who all themselves have a long-term condition and at some time have been a participant on the course, give up their own time to tutor on a six week course. The course teaches individuals how to take more control of their health by teaching them skills to manage their condition better on a daily basis and to live well.

Feedback gained from the participants six months after completing the course shows that the course increases people’s confidence to manage their condition and achieves improvements in their quality of life.

Here is an example of some feedback received from course participants this year:

“The volunteer tutors were very sympathetic, motivational and inspirational. What a great group of wonderful people. A very important course, thank you so much for everything.”

This year, the Chief Executive’s award goes to the Community Homeless Team

The Community Homeless Team is an integrated multidisciplinary team, who provide care in the community for homeless patients every day.

The team cares for rough sleepers at day centres, in their tents and on the street and homeless patients placed in hostels and emergency and temporary accommodation. Prior to this service being in place many of these patients did not access any primary care and suffered greatly as a consequence.

Having an SCFT Homeless integrated primary care service in Brighton has given these patients a voice in the health care system, broken down barriers and helped them benefit from much needed care.

The team go above and beyond with the service that they deliver and never judge the circumstances or environment in which they practice.

Outstanding Chief Nurse

Recognising Susan Marshall for her exceptional career in the NHS.

20 Years Service

Long service - 20 years

30 Years Service

Long service - 30 years

40 Years Service

Long service - 40 years

50 Years Service

Long service - 50 years