COVID Rehabilitation

Community aftercare for patients recovering from COVID-19.

The longer term impact of COVID-19 and the potential consequences to people’s physical health, mental wellbeing and their ability to return to normal levels of activity is becoming clearer.

We know these needs can be wide-ranging, and include loss of muscle strength, ongoing pain, fatigue, breathlessness, mild cognitive difficulties and memory loss, as well as longer lasting psychological difficulties including anxiety and depression.

It is also becoming clear that such difficulties are being felt by people of all ages, and it isn’t exclusive to those who were hospitalised, but also includes those who managed their illness at home.

We have two dedicated COVID-19 Aftercare Coordinators who will carry out initial telephone assessments with patients to determine their main issues, provide resources immediately to support their self-management, and refer them on to the appropriate services for further rehabilitation and care.

The Aftercare Coordinators will also contact the patients for a follow up to monitor their progress, and liaise with GPS and acute hospital services as required.


Brighton, High Weald, Lewes and Havens (HWLH), West Sussex

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Health professionals are encouraged to email our service with referrals and queries regarding patients who are reporting ongoing difficulties following confirmed, or probable, COVID-19 infection.

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