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Sussex Community NHS Trust is committed to ensuring that all its patients and users are safeguarded against abuse and harm. Sussex Community NHS Trust works with other agencies across West Sussex and Brighton and Hove who have responsibility for vulnerable people to agree how to respond if there is suspicion that a vulnerable person is at risk of harm or abuse.

What to do if you suspect abuse:

If you think someone is being abused or you have witnessed or suspect abuse and you don't know how to make an alert, you should contact your local Social Services.

In an emergency contact 999 or Sussex Police on 101

Visit the Sussex Police website

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA)

IMCA stands for Independent Mental Capacity Advocate. This is a specific form of advocacy that was introduced in the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This Act gave some people who have been assessed to lack capacity (see below for more about what this means) the right to be supported by an IMCA if certain decisions are being made about their care. IMCA services are provided by organisations, like POhWER, that are independent from the NHS and local authorities.


Brighton, Hove, West Sussex

How To Access

Contact Brighton & Hove City Council Adult Social Care:

Visit the Brighton and Hove City Council website for contact details, online reporting form and more information about safeguarding adults.

Safeguarding adults at risk - Brighton and Hove City Council

Or download:

Contact West Sussex Adults Safeguarding Unit:

Visit the West Sussex County Council website for contact details, online adults safeguarding alert form and other useful information.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk (West Sussex County Council)

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