Phlebotomy Service (Brighton & Hove)

The Community Phlebotomy Service provides domiciliary visits to housebound patients and non-housebound patients through our pre-appointed services for GP referrals only. Patients need to be registered with a Brighton and Hove GP before we can take your blood. This service is not available for referrals from any other source, eg consultants.


Brighton, Hove

How To Access

Domiciliary or home visits
Our phlebotomists are available to visit from 8am-3pm. Your GP will complete a ‘Community Phlebotomy Referral Form’ which is sent to the team. After we receive this referral you will get a call from the team to arrange your visit. This service is only available for patients who are unable to leave their home and who would usually receive a home visit from their GP.

Hove Polyclinic

Monday – Friday from 8.30-3.30 pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

This is an appointed service only and patients cannot be seen without booking in advance. This service is available for GP referrals only.

Please phone 01273 265580 to book an appointment. Appointments can also be booked and cancelled by e-mail at:

This service is for persons aged 16 years and over who are not housebound and require tests requested their GP. We are unable to take requests for children aged 16 or under. They will need to be seen at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

Please Note:
For Fasting and Glucose Tolerance Tests it will be necessary to fast for 12 hours prior to your visit. Patients requiring a Glucose Tolerance Test will need to remain on the premises for 2 hours after the first test before being given a further test.

For all blood tests you will need to bring a blood form from your GP confirming the blood test required.

On arrival at Hove Polyclinic please follow the sign for Phlebotomy, take a ticket from the machine on the wall and then wait for your number to be called.

Contact Details

Hove Polyclinic appointed service:
Community Phlebotomy Service
Ground Floor
Hove Polyclinic
Nevill Avenue

Tel: 01273 265580

Opening Hours

Please see above for opening times.

How to find us

Please visit google maps for directions to our service.

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