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Podiatry Service

The Podiatry Service at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) aims to provide a comprehensive foot health service. Please note, however, that there are limitations for access to the Podiatry Service, which is based on medical need and the level of risk associated with the foot problem. The teams consist of Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Podiatrists, Podiatry apprentices, assistants and administrators. Some of our practitioners work across many areas to provide specialist services.

At each site the Service provides assessments and treatments to high risk patients, including diabetic and non-diabetic wound care. All Podiatry localities have dedicated nail surgery centres for the provision of nail surgery to treat pathological or ingrown toenails. Some localities may provide a Paediatric (children’s) service, and a musculoskeletal service, although this is usually part of a wider orthopaedic service. If you meet the access criteria for high risk care, we may be able to assist with, or provide advice for, the following problems:

  • Open lesions (e.g. ulceration/wounds)
  • Problematic corns and callus (hard skin)
  • Ingrown toenails or toenails affected by a pathology such as a nail infection
  • Foot deformity
  • Foot pain
  • Arthritis
  • Gait (walking) problems

The range of treatments we offer includes:

  • Wound care
  • Nail surgery
  • High risk foot care
  • Physical therapy advice
  • Orthoses (insoles and shoe inserts)
  • Diabetic assessment and vascular assessment of the foot and lower limb.

For more information, download our Basic Foot Care leaflet.

  • Service Location:
    • Brighton
    • Hove
    • West Sussex
  • How To Access:

    To access the Podiatry Service you will need to contact your GP or, alternatively, another health care professional, such as a nurse. They will write to us - the referral form is available here - with all the information we need to ensure that you see the most appropriate member of our team for your particular condition. If accepted by the Service, you will be seen as soon as possible.

    The Podiatry Service does not provide a nail cutting service. General foot care and nail care is not available, or provided by the Service, unless there are medical indications that put the patient at risk of further problems if their feet are not treated by professionals in the health service.

    There are no restrictions to accessing the service for certain patient groups, or for those with certain conditions, where it has been identified that there is a need for a Podiatry Service assessment. These include:

    • Children with foot problems
    • Patients with problematic ingrowing toenails
    • Patients requiring diabetic and non-diabetic wound care
    • Patients with high risk foot care needs
    • Patients with orthopaedic problems

    It is not possible to put all the inclusions and exclusions here, so please contact your local clinic or GP practice if further clarification is required.

    If you have been advised that you do not currently need treatment from the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust Podiatry Service but feel you would like ongoing help with foot care, then the Royal College of Podiatry website provides details of how to find a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Podiatrist in your area.

    Patients that are registered with us who have an emergency should contact their local clinic for advice as soon as possible during normal opening hours (Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm - excluding public holidays), or go to an Accident and Emergency Department or a walk-in centre if it is out of hours. New patients that are deemed urgent will be seen as soon as possible for assessment, although this may not be in their local clinic.

  • Contact Details:

    We have four main Podiatry locality sites so please select the one closest to you. Phone lines can get busy at times. However, if you are unable to get through, a voicemail facility is available to leave a message. We aim to return all calls within 24 hours.

    North locality
    Charlotte Webber
    North Podiatry Operational Lead
    Podiatry Centre
    2nd floor Green Wing Crawley Hospital
    West Green Drive
    RH11 7DH
    Tel: 01293 301018
    Email: c.webber2@nhs.net

    West locality
    Helen Horswell, West Podiatry Operational Lead
    Podiatry Operational Lead
    Richard Hotham Unit
    Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital
    Shripney Road
    Bognor Regis
    PO22 9PP
    Tel: 01243 623654
    Email: helen.horswell@nhs.net

    South locality
    Louisa Cullen, South Podiatry Operational Lead
    12-14 Liverpool Gardens
    BN11 1RY
    Appointment enquiries: 01903 843500
    Email: louisacullen@nhs.net

    Brighton and Hove locality
    Kaleivani Mooneesawmy (Moon),  Brighton & Hove Joint Podiatry Operational Lead
    Brighton General Hospital
    Ground Floor, Arundel Building
    Elm Grove
    East Sussex
    BN2 3EW
    Tel: 01273 242184
    Email: kaleivani.mooneesawmy@nhs.net

    Related Services contact details

    If your query involves an appointment with the Diabetes Care for You service please contact them directly on 0300 303 8066.

    If you are a patient who attends one of the satellite clinics, it may not be possible to contact anyone especially if there is no administration support there, so please phone the main centre as above.

    If your query involves an appointment with the MSK Foot and Ankle Partnership please contact them directly on 0300 303 8063.

    If you have an enquiry relating to an appointment with the West Sussex Coastal Musculoskeletal Assessment Treatment Team (MATT) please call them directly on 01243 623603 we are unable to access their booking system at Central Clinic.

  • Opening Hours:

    The Podiatry Service is available to provide treatment Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm in most areas. The Service does not operate at weekends or public holidays.

  • How to find us:

    If you are accepted to be registered as a patient, you will be given information on locating the clinic you are to attend with the appointment letter.

    Access to the main sites highlighted in the contact section above are reasonably straight forward with good public transport links which should be used where possible.

    If driving, please allow time to find a parking space if attending for a specific appointment time. Please note that there may be parking charges at some sites. All sites have disabled access.

  • More Information:

    More information about Podiatry can be found on the Royal College of Podiatry website. This is run by the Professional Podiatry body in the UK and has useful information regarding foot conditions and treatments.

    Registered Podiatrist information can be found at the Health and Care Professions Council.

    Diabetic patients may find the resources at Diabetes UK useful.

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    Children's and Specialist Services
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