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Aphasia Befriending Service

Aphasia Befriending Service

Every year an estimated 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke. Most people affected are over 65, but anyone can have a stroke, including children and even babies.

Our befrienders offer help and support to the many people living with stroke in Brighton and Hove. This valuable service offers those with communication difficulties after stroke the chance to communicate with someone who understands what they are going through, and has been trained to do so.

Had a stroke? Would you like a Befriender?

Befrienders are people living with aphasia. This means they have communication difficulties after a stroke. They volunteer to visit people who have had a stroke and have speech and language difficulties.

It is about support, friendship and communication

If you, or someone you know would like a befriender contact

Kirsty Maguire and Rachel Murphy
Tel: 01273 242271
Email: sc-tr.abs@nhs.net   
Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team  
Sussex Community NHS Trust
Brighton General Hospital
Elm Grove

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