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HIV and AIDS Support

Most of the sites and organisations on this page have been suggested by HIV patients who attend a local support group.

Medical and factual information*

Aidsmap, run by the charity National Aids Manual, publishes news, updates and information for HIV positive people and to health professionals.

Martin Fisher Foundation, working to promote the Towards Zero initiative in Brighton & Hove (zero new HIV infections, zero HIV-related deaths, and zero HIV stigma.)

Terence Higgins Trust, one of the first HIV/Aids charities, offers advice, support and information including counselling and HIV testing.

Local support groups*

The NHS Community HIV Specialist Service provides specialist support in mental health and nursing with home visits and health checks as well as information for people with HIV and their carers and partners.

Allsorts is a project based in Brighton to support young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure of their sexuality.

Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard provides a wide range of services including information, counselling and accommodation.

Sexual health information can be accessed from:

HIV Chaplaincy Rev Heather Leake Date, consultant pharmacist for HIV/sexual health at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, offers free spiritual and emotional support and non-judgmental pastoral care to all affected by HIV, regardless of their faith. Contact 07867 773360 or email sussexhivchap@gmail.com

Peer Action runs groups and activities organised by and for its members – adults who are HIV positive or affected by HIV.

The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove is a charity supporting carers of all ages and backgrounds, who care for people with a multitude of health conditions.

Lunch Positive is a weekly lunch club for those affected by HIV. It is held at the Community Hall (upstairs) at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, off St James's Street in central Brighton on Fridays.

Sussex Beacon provides clinical care including respite care as well as other services such as anxiety management sessions, a women's group, and a sleep clinic.

To arrange an HIV test

Contact SHAC (Sexual health and Contraception). on 01273 664721. More information from Brighton Sexual Health.

In addition, Terrence Higgins Trust offers rapid HIV testing for men on Mondays in central Brighton. For more information, call 01273 764200 or see THT.

URGENT: if you think you've been exposed to HIV and need PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), phone or visit SHAC or, if out of hours or weekends, please go to the Accident & Emergency department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Do this right away: the sooner PEP is started, the more chance it will work.

Community HIV Specialist Service

Find out more about the Community HIV Specialist Service at Sussex Community NHS Trust

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