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Recovering from COVID-19

It can take a long time to recover fully from coronavirus.

Many people report feeling unwell for several weeks, even months.

We have put together some advice to help people across Sussex in their recovery.

Below you will find information about how to improve your strength and balance if you have been off your feet and unwell for a while, how to safely return to sport when you feel well enough, tips about improving your sleep, and some helpful advice about how to manage fatigue.

You will also find information about managing breathlessness, and nutritional advice about the best foods to eat to help your recovery.

All of the advice has been put together by SCFT clinicians, Public Health England and key health partners.

More information about the support available if you are suffering from Long Covid can be found here 

Rehabilitation Resources

Active at Home booklet

The below booklet will be helpful for those who need support, and can help you to manage some of your concerns at home.

Strength, balance and mobility

Many people recovering from COVID-19 will be experiencing residual problems with weakness, mobility and balance. Some of these symptoms may also be experienced by people that have been indirectly affected by COVID-19 due to enforced isolation or inability to access non-essential healthcare support and rehabilitation services.

Returning to usual activities

This section provides information to help with managing day to day activities, instilling routines and focusing on a balance of occupation.


If you, or someone you care for, are experiencing difficulties when getting dressed, you might feel that you need something to help you.

Respiratory management

Communication and cognitive difficulties

Swallowing difficulties - dysphagia

The below documents provide top tips for dysphagia and mouth care.

Food management and nutrition


Please ask any member of the team caring for you if you need help understanding any of this information, or if you need the information provided in an alternative format. This includes translations, large print, Braille, easy read, on audio tape, or via email.