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Children's Continence Team (West Sussex)

The Children and Young People's Continence team (CYPCT) West Sussex with Brighton and Hove is a community based Paediatric Continence Service; consisting of registered Children's Nurses and Associate Practitioners with specialist knowledge of children's continence, covering constipation, soiling, day wetting and night wetting (enuresis).

Toilet skills for children and young people with additional needs in West Sussex are supported and it is aimed this service will become available in Brighton and Hove in the future.

Healthy Bladder and Bowels is the first level of intervention for Children and Young People with continence issues.

Healthcare professionals usually within the Healthy Child Programme: Health Visitors and School Nurses can provide advice, information and support to help promote "Healthy bladders and bowels" reducing the risk of longer term problems such as ongoing constipation and wetting.

The Healthy Child Programme can offer the following:

o Toilet training advice e:g readiness for school, ages and stages
o Fluid and dietary advice
o Advice and strategies for day wetting, night wetting and constipation
o Signpost to GP for medications
o Signposting for additional early help support with issues which maybe contributing to ongoing continence issues.

The child/young person should be reviewed at least once, after 8-12 weeks, to ensure that treatment and lifestyle changes suggested by the Healthy Child Programme have had time to be embedded. If the continence issues remain with no improvement made; a referral can then be made to CYPCT.

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CYPCT (Children's and Young Persons Continence Team) is the second level of intervention for Children and Young People with ongoing continence issues (bladder and bowel dysfunction) and is a Specialist Nurse Led, Clinic based Service.

Children and Young People will have an in depth assessment including a detailed health and social history, bladder and bowel assessment and ultrasound bladder scan, if required, with a recommended treatment programme and careplan. This may include the recommendation of medication which could be prescribed by a Nurse Prescriber, Community Paediatrician or GP.

As this is a Nurse led service, when further specialist intervention is required, the service will refer to an appropriate hospital with children's and young people's doctors who specialise in bladder and bowel dysfunction.