Rehabilitation Engineering Service (RES) at Chailey Clinical Services

The Rehabilitation Engineering Service provides a range of rehabilitation engineering services to children and young people with complex physical disability.

The department assesses for, advises on and provides mechanical and electronic equipment known generically as Assistive Technology (AT). This includes the design and manufacture of specialised items.

The equipment enables children and young adults to undertake activities of daily living with greater independence and safety than they would otherwise be able to. It also enables carers/parents to care for them.

We work as part of the multi disciplinary team at Chailey Clinical Services and provide support to local teams within the wider community.


  • For all types of Assistive Technology (AT)
  • As part of multidisciplinary Team
  • With Child’s local team
  • On site or Outreach
  • Wide range of assessment equipment available


  • Comprehensive workshop facilities
  • Custom make or adapt equipment
  • Small batch production
  • Expertise working with metal, wood, foams & plastics


  • Iterative design process
  • Solid Modelling CAD system
  • Prototype models


Electronic Assistive Technology

RES has significant expertise in assessment for, recommending and setting up Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT). This can be in power mobility, computer access, communication aids and environmental control systems.

As funding for Environmental Control Systems comes through your local Environmental Control Service we can discuss your options, refer you to the appropriate service and even work with them to meet your needs.

EAT assessment can be also tailored to suit your needs and arranged for a specific request. You local team can also be invited if you would like them to be involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


Support and Maintenance

RES offers engineering support outside Chailey Clinical Services. This can be adapted to meet your needs.

RES provides:

  • Engineering support to teachers and therapists in local schools/ centres
  • Engineering support packages for individuals
  • Training clinical scientists and technologists through placements

Contact us to discuss your rehabilitation engineering needs. 


Case Study

RES were asked to attend a local school and support the existing therapy and school staff in adjusting and maintaining equipment used by the children with complex disability.

A three day equipment review was agreed. A list of children requiring our input was made and timeslots allocated to see those children with their therapist minimising disruption to the school day.

Each child was seen in their equipment and school staff explained problems they had with the equipment and any discomfort children experienced and therapist advised on outcomes they were looking for with the equipment.

We advised staff on use of equipment, alternative options, made minor repairs, modifications on site where possible and adjusted equipment appropriately.

We also advised on recycling of existing 'loan' equipment owned by the school to ensure resource was well used and safe.

The advantages to staff were:

  • Free up therapy time to provide therapy not equipment management
  • School staff were able to give their views on how well the equipment worked
  • Effective use of resources by advising and repairing school equipment for children
  • Provided immediate effect for children by repair and adjustment of equipment
  • Enhance learning opportunity by remaining comfortable in equipment
  • Maximising child attendance at school

“The 3 days with.your team outstripped our expectations. It was such a useful and productive time. I cannot speak highly enough of the work they carried out. The feedback in school has all been positive and already we can see the impact, both immediate and long term, that this sort of input will have on pupils and their learning." Teacher at East Sussex School. 


The team includes

  • Consultant Clinical Engineer (Head of Service)
  • Clinical Engineer & Quality Manager (Mechanical AT Specialist)
  • Clinical Engineer (Electronic AT Specialist)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering Manager /Senior Specialist Rehabilitation Engineer
  • Senior Specialist Rehabilitation Engineers
  • Specialist Rehabilitation Engineers
  • Specialist Rehabilitation Engineering Technicians
  • Stores/Inspection Technician
  • PA and Admin staff
  • Workshop Volunteers (part time)

Clinical Engineers

All clinical engineers are state registered with expertise in mechanical and electronic assistive technology

Rehabilitation Engineers

All rehabilitation engineers have mechanical/electronic engineering qualifications and are members of the clinical technologists register

All Senior Rehabilitation Engineers have 10 years or more experience in rehabilitation engineering.


All technicians have engineering qualifications and have extensive experience of light engineering manufacturing processes

The team has extensive experience in the assessment of, manufacture/modification/adaptation of postural management equipment and equipment for activities of daily living. 

We also have specialist expertise in the assessment and prescription of Electronic Assistive Technology including environmental controls, powered mobility and computer access.  


Contact Us

If you have any queries about our services, products and clinics you can contact our office from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Mondays to Fridays. Our admin team member Maria Bradbury will be more than happy to assist you with your request.

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