Case studies of carers supported by our Carers Health Team

Marilyn Porter from Bognor Regis

 “The Sussex Community NHS Trust carers health team are a voice on my side and a vital route into other services and agencies,” said Marilyn Porter (60) full-time carer for her husband Alex Porter (57).

Alex has heart problems and diabetes. His diabetes worsened recently which resulted in him having his leg amputated below the knee.  He is now confined to his bed and requires round the clock care and support.

“Wilma, SCT’s carers health team manager, has provided outstanding support. Her emotional guidance has been so helpful. Just knowing I have someone on the end of a phone – it’s such a relief.”

The carers health team put Marilyn in touch with Careline who provide fall detectors, and emergency alarms. Alex now has an emergency alarm wristband which he can use if Marilyn is not in the house.

“Our shared sense of humour keeps us going, say Marilyn and Alex. “We now also have piece of mind thanks to Wilma and her team.” 

Derek Cross from Middleton-On-Sea

For the past four years, Derek Cross (83) has been the sole carer for his wife, Betty (84).

Derek explains: “my wife Betty has severe arthritis and she recently suffered a stroke which means she can now only walk about 10 feet with the help of her zimmer frame. I look after all her needs and keep the house in order – everything from cleaning, washing, preparing and cooking meals and caring for Betty.”

 “The carers health team have been a huge support to us.  They have helped with the installation of a ramp so Betty can now access the garden in warmer weather.  I’ve also been put me in touch with a range of local services such as Crossroads Care South Central who provide emergency support for up to 72 hours in case anything happens to me and I can’t care for Betty.”

 “The team are hugely encouraging and really knows their stuff.  It’s great knowing that they are just a phone call away – they’ve been a huge support to myself and Betty.”

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