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MILK! Breastfeeding Support Sessions in West Sussex

MILK! Breastfeeding Support Sessions

We are here to offer wide-ranging support to mums and their families who want to start and/or continue breastfeeding. We know that breastfeeding isn’t always easy, especially in the early stages and some days are more difficult than others. See dates and details of our MILK! Breastfeeding Support sessions below. Due to COVID-19, the MILK! sessions must be pre-booked.

Find out more about the Breastfeeding - MILK! Infant Feeding Team (West Sussex)

Breast pump loan scheme

Breast pumps can be a costly purchase for new parents. There is often a need for the more efficient electric pumps which provide quicker pumping. Having an electric pump to maintain a good milk supply can make the difference between continuing breastfeeding or having to give up which many mums do not want to do.

Currently MILK! Breastfeeding support sessions are operating face to face and/or virtually. The MILK! sessions offer information, support and lots of encouragement! Each of the MILK! sessions have a specially trained infant feeding advisor who is eager to offer support with any questions or concerns you may have.

The Infant Feeding Team in West Sussex have access to breast pumps which can be borrowed, if available, for short term loan to help maintain a good milk supply for example when a mum has mastitis, or when she is trying to boost her milk supply if her baby has been slow to grow.

A mum can book into a MILK! session and arrange to borrow a pump for up to 2 weeks providing she meets the set criteria. There is a charge to buy the milk collection sets of £10 (£20 if double pumping). The collection set is then hers to keep should she need to subsequently buy her own pump.

Breastfeeding Peer Support Course

The MILK! Infant feeding team run breastfeeding peer support training courses across West Sussex. The 12 week course teaches mothers with experience of breastfeeding to support other breastfeeding mothers. They learn about the physical, social and emotional aspects of breastfeeding and then are able to provide encouragement and information to mums attending the MILK! breastfeeding support sessions in West Sussex. Please note due to COVID 19, peer support is limited and courses/supporters may not be available at present.

For more information contact the MILK! Infant Feeding Team on 01903 858158.

MILK! Breastfeeding support sessions:

If you wish to print the list below we have a print friendly version available.

Crawley Hub   
Telephone - 01273 696011 ext 6860    
Face to Face and/or virtual MILK sessions available -
9am - 11.30am - Friday
9am – 11.30am – Thursday 

Horsham Hub
Telephone 01273 696011 ext 4872    
Face to Face and/or virtual MILK sessions available –
10am-12pm – Tuesday   
9am - 2pm or 4pm Friday

Arun and Bognor Hub
Telephone: 01273 696011 ext 8298   
Face to Face and/or virtual MILK sessions available-
1pm – 3.15pm - Wednesday or every other Friday

Chichester Hub
Telephone: 01273 696011 ext 5267  
Face to Face and/or virtual MILK sessions available –
1pm – 3pm - Wednesday

Mid Sussex Hub
Telephone: 01273 696011 ext 6606
Face to Face and/or virtual MILK sessions available –
Wednesday and Tuesday 9.15 – 12.15 

Worthing and Adur Hub
Telephone:01273 696011 ext 6171
Face to Face and/or virtual MILK sessions available
10.00 – 12.00 Tuesdays