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Breastfeeding Team (Brighton & Hove)

We are a specialist team within Brighton and Hove Children's Services, working closely with, acting as a resource for, and providing training for, Health Visiting Teams. (This includes health visitors and community nursery nurses.) We also work closely with Children's Centre teams and midwives.

We organise;

  • Breastfeeding drop ins. We support most of the city's breastfeeding drop ins, and keep the list up to date. All pregnant and breastfeeding women are welcome to attend for help, support and information.
  • The Breastfeeding peer support volunteer programme. We recruit and train volunteers to provide mother to mother breastfeeding support. Volunteers work on the postnatal ward and in several community groups.
  • Specialist breastfeeding support worker. This worker supports breastfeeding women and their families in designated parts of the city.
  • Facebook Our page offers information about breastfeeding and local updates about drop ins across the City. It also shares inspiring and affirming messages and links to media stories.
    We do not offer breastfeeding support directly through the page, though we may discuss common concerns and themes you can relate to.
    If you are facing challenges, contact your midwife, health visitor or Children's Centre team.
  • Brighton Breastfeeding Initiative (BBI). This is a network of health professionals and voluntary groups/organisations who are working to support breastfeeding within the city.

The team includes Clare Jones, Breastfeeding Coordinator; and Dawn Kielty and Zoe Faulkner, Breastfeeding Peer Support Coordinators.