We're ranked "outstanding" and in the top 10 national 'Learning from mistakes league'
09 March 2016

We're ranked “outstanding” and we're in the top 10 national ‘learning from mistakes’ league

We have been ranked “outstanding” and are included in the top 10 NHS Trust out of 230 in England for our ability to learn from mistakes.

The league published by the Department of Health ranks Trusts on their “openness and honesty” based on data safety reporting and the latest NHS staff survey results published in February. 

The table includes 230 NHS trusts with us ranked tenth with an “outstanding” rating. Other categories include “good”, those who have “significant concerns”, and those with a “poor reporting culture”.

Our chief executive Paula Head said “I’m delighted that Sussex Community NHS Trust has been ranked as the tenth best NHS Trust in the first annual ‘Learning from mistakes league’. Our staff have created an open and supportive culture where they take many opportunities to report errors and mistakes and we actively encourage this. We take this very seriously and ensure we apply our learning into practice to ensure we deliver our vision of excellent care at the heart of the community.”

View the national 'learning from mistakes league'.

See further information from Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority.