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Quizmas Time Is Here

Date: 06 December 2021

Quizmas  lady walking dog through question mark snow

Get together with your teammates, family, friends, or fellow eggheads and have some Quizmas fun.

We have put together a quiz for you, to save you the time and effort – giving you more freedom to do the things that you want to do. Plus, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief for not having to create a quiz themselves.

With ten rounds, ranging from music and film to history and geography – there should be something for everyone. Do you know your emojis? Quizmas will test your knowledge.

There are two formats to download Quizmas:

  1. PDF version (no skipping to the answers first)
  2. PowerPoint show (it’s that little bit more jazzy)

Whether you can get together in person or virtually, our easy go-to downloads are there waiting for you.

If you do use Quizmas, we would be very grateful for a voluntary donation, which you can make through our JustGiving campaign.

Every donation received will support staff, patients, and volunteers at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Wishing you a very happy Quizmas.