Positive staff survey results show further improvement
06 March 2018

Positive staff survey results show further improvement

The national 2017 NHS staff survey published this week showed just how much there is to be proud of at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

More than 2,300 of our staff (50%) responded to tell us what they love about working here and what they would like to see improved.

The results showed that:

Where we did well

Our staff engagement measure has improved on last year and is significantly above the average for other community trusts in England.

Overall Staff Engagement

This is really positive because research shows that high levels of staff engagement in the NHS leads to better patient care. We will be looking at ways to improve this even more over the coming year.

Our highest scores include our staff saying:

  • their work makes a real difference to patients and the people who rely on our services
  • they are able to contribute towards improvements at work
  • that they work effectively in teams
  • that they are supported by their managers

Our staff are also more likely than the national average to say that:

  • they would recommend the trust as a place to work or receive treatment
  • they are recognised and valued by managers and the organisation
  • that they look forward to going to work and are motivated by their jobs
  • and that the organisation provides support for staff health and wellbeing

Our Chief Executive Siobhan Melia said: "It is fantastic news the latest staff survey shows further improvements and that even more staff got involved than last year.

“We should all be proud of these results. It is thanks to the dedication and commitment of our teams across Sussex that we continue to provide excellent care at the heart of our local communities.

“It speaks volumes that our staff would recommend the Trust as a place to work and a place to be cared for. You can see clearly that our teams are more engaged and feel able to contribute to improvements at work.

“I want to thank my colleagues for getting involved in the survey, for their positive feedback and for being open and honest in raising concerns. It’s important to celebrate our successes but it’s also important to recognise the challenges we face so that we can address them together.

“We are reviewing all of the findings and we will take action to improve things even further, to make sure that Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust continues to be a great organisation to work for.”

Where we need to do better

The staff survey is a really valuable tool for spotting where you can improve as an organisation. It also shows how challenging our work can be. The areas where we need to improve compared to other community trusts include:

  • staff reporting errors, near misses or incidents witnessed in the last month
  • staff experiencing and reporting physical violence from patients, relatives or the public
  • the quality of training, learning and development and staff working extra hours.

You can view the survey results here.

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