Proactive Care Team
Proactive care team supports West Sussex sisters
10 October 2014

Proactive care team supports West Sussex sisters

Catherine Ross, clinical lead for our Bognor Central proactive care team talks about how she and her team care for two elderly sisters, helping to avoid long-term hospital admission.

Two elderly sisters, Dorothy (101) and Constance (103) were recently referred to Bognor central proactive care team when one of the sisters, Dorothy, experienced a fall. Catherine explains:

“Both sisters live together privately and as independently as they can. Dorothy is the carer for her older sister Constance who has reduced mobility, osteoarthritis and reduced hearing. The sisters have very supportive neighbours living either side of them.

“When Dorothy suffered a fall a few weeks ago, she was admitted to hospital with a suspected head injury. This meant that Constance was left alone and required emergency support. Both the sisters had already been referred to our team at this stage, so we were able to arrange emergency care at home for Constance and then co-ordinated a temporary placement for her at a local nursing home.

“Following a short period of rehabilitation at Midhurst Community Hospital, Dorothy returned home and Constance was able to join her.

“Both sisters are seen at home by members of our multidisciplinary team regularly. Our physiotherapist and occupational therapists are in the process of assessing their home for new equipment to aid mobility and they will also help both sisters regain their strength and balance to help them to avoid falls in the future. In addition our community nurses check the sister’s health and change dressings as required.

“Like all our patients, we have contingency plans in place for Dorothy and Constance and these are made available on the IBIS ambulance system which will help the sisters remain at home and in control of their health.

“Both sisters are very independent and want to remain at home. Our strength as a multidisciplinary team has meant that Constance was able to be cared for outside of hospital when her sister was admitted. This now means that both are able to live independently and receive the care and support they need at home.”

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