Our food bank donations have been delivered!
20 December 2019

Our food bank donations have been delivered!

Back in November, Mike Jourdain from Brighton Food Bank was kind enough to visit Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) staff at Brighton General Hospital, and spoke passionately about his team’s vital work in supporting individuals and families in times of crisis. 

Following Mike’s moving presentation, SCFT teams were inspired to make their 2019 food bank collections bigger and better than ever, and we are delighted to announce that donations have now been delivered to Brighton Food Bank, Horsham District Food Bank, and Littlehampton & District Food Bank. 

Lucy Scragg, our Professional Head of Nursing and Education, helped coordinate and deliver the donations from Brighton General Hospital. She was happy to report that the boxes weighed in at 161kg this year, up an impressive 61kg from 2018. “I’m so glad SCFT have been able to support this amazing service and make a difference this Christmas,” Lucy tweeted to Brighton Food Bank. “We’ll be in touch again in the new year!” 

The Finance team generously added a £100 gift voucher to the total, and the Special Care Dentistry team collected an outstanding £120 at Worthing’s Central Clinic. Senior Dental Nurse Emma Mason used the money to arrange an online supermarket order of food and festive treats, delivered directly to Brighton Food Bank on Tuesday 10 December.

Over at Horsham Hospital, the donations for Horsham District Food Bank were facilitated by Janet Parfitt, our Quality Effectiveness Lead. “This is the second year we’ve collected,” Janet said. “It’s such an easy way for us all to do something for others, especially at Christmas. Being in need knows no boundaries and could happen to anyone, so it’s good to remind ourselves of how lucky we are.” 

Several bags of food and toiletries were delivered on Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 December, and Janet has now decided to leave a box out permanently, so teams at Horsham can continue to donate throughout the year.

Finally, Organisational Development Business Partner Denise Harris delivered donations to Littlehampton & District Food Bank from Zachary Merton Hospital. “A number of people, myself included, already support the food bank during the year,” Denise explained. “I think this provides a focus though, as it’s a particularly challenging time of year for families who may be struggling. People responded well and were keen to support the initiative.” 

The teams at Zachary Merton collected six bags of shopping. “Comments from individuals were positive, and people were pleased to be part of the project,” Denise added. “We would definitely do it again.” 

As a Trust, we are extremely proud of our teams’ compassion and generosity, and would like to thank everyone who selflessly donated their time and money to support their local communities. Food banks receive no government funding and rely on creative fundraising and charitable donations, so these collections will directly help hundreds of vulnerable people in their time of need.