Music enhances patient wellbeing at Sussex in-patient units
15 March 2019

Live music enhances patient wellbeing at Sussex in-patient units

The sound of music could be heard coming from Viking Ward at Crawley Hospital on Tuesday afternoon 5 March 2019 (but Julie Andrews was nowhere in sight).

Instead a variety of instruments including accordions and ukuleles, tongue drums and rainmakers were being played by musical professionals Jo and Anna from the Rhythmix Wishing Well programme.

They work in healthcare settings across the south east in partnership with NHS Trusts to promote the wellbeing of patients through music.

Funding of £5,000 was awarded by the regional Dementia Care Improvement Network to Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) after a Dragon’s Den style event.

The funds enable a 15-week support programme integrating music into the patient care and rehabilitation process followed by six months mentorship for musical ‘champions’ to continue the work at other SCFT sites, including Horsham Hospital.

Lucy Scragg, Deputy Chief Nurse at SCFT, said: "Being in hospital can be a difficult experience for people so we want to do everything possible to make their experience a positive one.

"We know that music-making provides all sorts of therapeutic benefits for patients and the people caring for them. We plan to roll this out to our other inpatient units to help us continue to deliver excellent care at the heart of the community.”


Siobhan Melia, Chief Executive at SCFT said: "Lots of our work is to help people leave hospital as quickly as possible or to keep them healthy and at home – avoiding the need to be admitted in the first place.

"But sometimes the best place for people is in hospital. That’s why we have invested in supporting people’s physical and emotional wellbeing while they stay with us in our community in-patient units.

Wishing Well musicians are also supporting patients at the Kleinwort Centre in Haywards Heath, funded by the Friends of the Kleinwort Centre.

A copy of Siobhan Melia's Weekly Message is available to download here.

To find out more about Wishing Well, click here.