Celebrating one year of the Lymphoedema service at Sussex Community
14 February 2019

Celebrating one year of the Sussex Community Lymphoedema service

Like many community services, our specialist-led Lymphoedema team help to significantly reduce hospital admissions and unnecessary GP appointments by providing evidence-based specialist care for people with lymphoedema across Sussex.

The Lymphoedema Service not only treats the condition but also equips patients with the skills and understanding to reduce complications, enhance self-management and improve quality of life.

In a report written by the Lymphoedema Support Network, It is estimated that for every £1 spent on lymphoedema treatments to limit swelling and prevent further damage or infection, the NHS saves £100 in reduced hospital admissions.

Since its formation in February 2018, following the transfer and reassessment of over 800 patients from four previous providers, the team are now managing approximately 1,200 patients who require comprehensive assessment and complex treatments.

The multidisciplinary approach draws in services from Primary Care, Tissues Viability and Community Nursing in conjunction with Lymphoedema specialists, to provide courses of intensive treatments to reduce Oedema (excess watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body) to a point where compression garments can be fitted and patients can be discharged back to their GPs with ongoing treatment plans.

Lymphoedema Awareness Week

To celebrate its first year since being re-commissioned, the service will be hosting an Open day in each clinic which will coincide with Lymphoedema Awareness Week.

The open days will bring together health professionals in the community and local lymphoedema support groups to provide an opportunity for nurses and attendees to meet and discuss the service and treatments offered.

We will also be hearing from some service users who will be sharing their success stories and talking about how the service has helped them.

The dates of the open days are as follows;

Chapel Street Clinic Chichester PO19 1BX  12 March 11am – 3pm
Salvington Lodge Worthing, BN13 3BW    14 March 11am – 3pm
Briggs Building BGH, BN2 3EW    20 March 11am – 3pm

Refreshments will be available on the day in each of the venues.

The events are free to attend, however please email: sc-tr.lymphoedema@nhs.net to confirm your attendance.

Find out more about the Lymphoedema Service here and join the conversation online #LymphoedemaAwareness