Speech and Language Therapists mark International Stammering Awareness Day
17 October 2014

Speech and language therapists mark International Stammering Awareness Day

To mark International Stammering Awareness Day next Wednesday (22 October), our West Sussex-based speech and language therapy teams are encouraging early referral to their service for children who stammer.

During the week our teams will be writing to all local healthcare and educational professionals to remind them of the benefits of referring children at an early stage, as Linda Tullett, speech and language therapist, Sussex Community NHS Trust, explains: “Early intervention at a young age has the best outcome and can help prevent a lifetime of stammering.

“Stammering commonly starts between the ages of two to five years but it can occur earlier or later than this.  Our service provides support for the child and their family.”

Anyone concerned about a child or young person with a stammer can contact our speech and language therapy service direct.

Sussex Community NHS Trust speech and language therapy service

Find out more and make contact with the team via our website.

Case study

Worthing-based mother Mandy Baker and her son Ollie Baker (5)

Ollie has been supported by our West Sussex speech and language therapy service for the past 18 months.

Ollie’s mum, Mandy Baker explains: “Ollie was at pre-school when we first noticed that he might have a stammer.  When he started school the teachers again highlighted it as an issue and we were referred to Linda Tullett at Sussex Community NHS Trust’s speech and language therapy service.

“Linda quickly arranged for regular sessions for Ollie during school time and my husband and I were provided with various techniques to help Ollie at home. This has included working with Ollie for 10 minutes each day where we focus on his reading and speaking skills, giving him lots of praise throughout.

“We’ve seen a huge change in Ollie since we’ve been working with Linda.  He used to be reluctant to ask questions in class and people often used to try and help him finish his sentences when he spoke. He is now a very confident little boy who is comfortable talking to people and is happy to put up his hand in class and ask questions.

“We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received and would recommend that any parent in the same situation as us seek referral to their local speech and language therapy service for support early on. This service has been 100% successful for us and has made the world of difference to Ollie.”