Flu Vaccination
Our community healthcare staff help fight flu this season
13 October 2014

Our community healthcare staff  help fight flu this season

This week (13 – 17 October), our community nursing, therapeutic and healthcare staff will be joining thousands of other NHS staff across the country to help protect themselves and their patients by getting their flu jab.

We are making great strides in reducing the spread of flu this season by vaccinating as many frontline staff as possible. We are joining the national NHS flu fighter staff vaccination campaign, which supports trusts in England to help them improve staff flu vaccination uptake.

We take patient safety very seriously and will be working hard to encourage our nurses, healthcare assistants, therapists and other frontline staff to get vaccinated – helping to prevent them from catching flu or passing the virus on to patients.

The vaccinations will be provided free of charge at a range of times and locations to suit all frontline staff, including night workers and those out in the community.

Dr Richard Quirk, medical director, SCT, said: “We are encouraging all our nurses, doctors, dentists, therapists, healthcare assistants and other frontline staff  to get their flu vaccination this year to help protect themselves and their patients this winter.

“Flu targets people who are weakened and vulnerable, which is why it’s so important that our staff who work directly with our patients are vaccinated.

“We are running free vaccination clinics for our staff across West Sussex and Brighton & Hove.”