Fire Risk From Personal Rechargeable Electronic Devices
08 May 2019

Where personal electrical equipment is permitted in a healthcare environment, it is essential it is used and charged in a safe manner. Staff should be aware of the risk of fire as a result of faulty rechargeable devices, particularly those with lithium batteries, and faulty chargers

Personal rechargeable electronic equipment belonging to staff, patients or others should not be used in healthcare premises unless:

  • It displays the CE mark of conformity
  • The charger was supplied with the device (no mixing of chargers/devices) and
  • It has been visually inspected prior to use and found to be free from defects, cracks, damaged cables, burn marks etc.

Charging of electrical equipment must take place in a safe, controlled environment and consideration should be given to the provision of designated charging locations. Where a designated charging location is not provided, alternative charging locations need to be fully risk assessed complete with documentation and their use only authorised if risks are deemed acceptable.