dry january
Dry January
31 December 2014

Try taking the Dry January Challenge,

Have you heard of Dry January?

Do you think you could take the challenge? How about signing up?

By giving up alcohol for just one month you will notice the difference, your skin may become clearer, your memory should improve, and your calorie intake should reduce. Behind the scenes your risk of alcohol related cancers will reduce, your blood pressure may reduce and your liver can begin to repair itself and take a well-earned rest.

Its only 31 days…so what have you got to lose? If nothing else most would benefit from the cost saving for one month!!

If you are still contemplating then try taking part in AUDIT C?


It is only 3 questions initially, if that is positive you will be guided to a further 7 questions, why not give it ago.

Further Help,

If you have any concerns about yours or anyone else alcohol intake please use the unit calculator or visit the alcohol concern website for more information.