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Donation to help marginalised people

Date: 20 August 2021

Time: 09:00

SCFT has donated redundant and damaged medical equipment to a UK charity which repairs and then sends it to marginalised disabled adults and children around the world. 

The Trust’s Community Equipment Services (CES) team gave specialist items including walking and standing aids, mattresses and beds to PhysioNet. 

It was not cost-effective for SCFT to repair the equipment, but giving the items to the Yorkshire-based charity prevented them from being scrapped and sent to landfill, and is now likely to give them a second life. 

“It is really rewarding knowing that this equipment will not go to waste,” said Theresa Warner-Jones, Interim Team Lead for CES (Health). 

“It is great that we have formed a relationship that ensures waste is reduced and that others in need get access to these types of equipment.” 

The CES team donated to the charity once before, in 2018, and would have made another gift sooner but was prevented by COVID-19. 

PhysioNet will tell the team where their equipment has been sent. 

In the last nine years the charity has sent 60 batches of equipment to 22 countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. 

Countries which have benefited include The Gambia and Benin in West Africa, and Bulgaria and Romania in Eastern Europe.