Celebrating #DeafAwarenessWeek at Sussex Community Children's Services
10 May 2019

Celebrating #DeafAwarenessWeek at Sussex Community Children’s Services

Colleagues and services users from the SCFT Children’s Audiology department have been holding a series of mini challenges over the course of the week to spread the word about deaf awareness.

Whether through the medium of sign language or lip reading, the team are getting behind the Deaf Awareness Week campaign and encouraging everybody to give lip-reading and sign language a try.

The team held a lip reading challenge for colleagues to try to demonstrate the tricky nature of lipreading. The aim of these challenges is to highlight that lipreading isn’t just a natural skill - it takes a lot of hard work and is very open to challenges, especially when people cover their mouths, speak too quickly!

Zoe Bell, Hearing Therapist at SCFT said,

“Only 30% of the English Language can be understood through lipreading. Knowing the context is so important!”

There are some fantastic resources for you to try online here or take a look at the Twitter Moment below to see some of the activity over the course of the week.

Vanessa Sharp, Clinical Service Manager and Professional Lead - Children's Audiology said,

"This was a good illustration of the everyday challenges experienced by deaf people"

To continue the festivities, the Audiology team held a 'Barking Bake Sale' run by Paediatric Audiologist Sophie Brinkworth to raise funds for Hearing Dogs.

Hearing dogs provide much needed assistance to deaf people by alerting them to sounds they would otherwise miss, such as the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals such as fire alarms. Being aware of these makes a real difference to deaf people’s lives. 

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