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SCT rated as GOOD by Chief Inspector of Hospitals
19 March 2015

SCT rated as GOOD by Chief Inspector of Hospitals

England’s chief inspector of hospitals has rated the overall quality of services provided by Sussex Community NHS Trust (SCT) as Good.

The rating follows the inspection last year by the independent Care Quality Commission (CQC) and offers compelling evidence to the communities SCT serves that its services are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Julie Blumgart, clinical quality director at the NHS Trust Development Authority (the body that supports NHS trusts in their development) commented: “It is one of the best inspections that we have seen in NHS trusts in the South.”

The chief inspector of hospitals rated SCT’s end of life care as Outstanding for how it responds to people’s needs.

But he said that some elements of SCT’s inpatient care services require improvement, including medicines’ management, training in the care of people with dementia, record keeping and care planning.

Individual comments made by CQC inspectors included:

  • I would be happy for my mother to be looked after on this ward…
  • Staff saw the inspection as part of a journey of quality improvement and not a tick box process…
  • All of your hospitals I have visited are very clean…

The inspectors looked at quality of care in four of SCT’s main services areas: community health services for adults; community health services for children & young people; end of life care and community inpatient care.

In the process they found:

  • Good practice to ensure safe and responsive care, and some exceptional and innovative practice.
  • Caring staff who consistently provide good care.
  • Clear leadership, a positive culture and good engagement.
  • Partnership working that protects vulnerable people from abuse.
  • Staff that feel valued and supported by their managers, supervisors and the trust board.

As part of the CQC’s recommendations, the inspectors advised SCT to:

  • Take new steps to boost recruitment and improve staffing levels.
  • Work with partners to improve the quality of parts of the estate the trust works from.
  • Review the roll-out of IT systems that support patient care.

These are areas where SCT is already taking steps to improve, and the trust is committed to learn and improve based upon the chief inspector’s feedback.

SCT chair Sue Sjuve says: “We feel immense pride, gratitude and excitement to achieve this overall rating of Good.

We’re proud because we’ve been told we stand out as ‘one of the best inspections’ of NHS trusts anywhere in the South of England.

“We’re grateful because in the CQC’s own words, SCT is a place ‘where passionate and committed staff actively promoted the health and wellbeing of their patients.’

“And we’re excited because this moves us closer to the realisation of our vision of excellent care at the heart of the community, and towards our goal to become an outstanding NHS foundation trust.

We’ve always said we see the CQC’s assessment as a milestone on our journey of continuous improvement, and we’ve already heard from teams who are determined to proceed to an overall ranking of Outstanding.

“We’re confident we can get there if we live by our values, learn and improve based on what the CQC has told us.

“And we express a resounding THANK YOU to all our staff and partners who have contributed to this achievement.”

See more information including the CQC rating chart for our services.