Connor's NHS rainbow badges
18 May 2020

"I’m going to make a 100 million zillion NHS rainbow badges for keyworkers," pledges 5-year-old Connor after raising hundreds for NHS Charities Together.

Little Connor Glen has raised £400 for the NHS after a lockdown rainbow badge-making marathon with his little brother Riley.

The two boys have been busy making the handmade rainbow badges while proud mum and SCFT nurse Sarah Glen and her keyworker husband continue to work.

Sarah, who is a Specialist Child Development and Disability Nurse for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust said: “Connor loves badges and although he has been putting his hand to many creative activities during this time, the idea of making rainbow ribbon badges for all keyworkers was something that grabbed his attention and he has thoroughly enjoyed making them.   

"Connor has cut the card and ribbon, and stamped the ‘made with love’ mark on the cards with very minimal help. He can fold the ribbon correctly and has learnt how to attach the safety pin to the material.

"He has said ‘this is fun' and ‘I’m going to make 100 million zillion’ and ‘I’m never going to stop’.

"He has been so pleased to make these and has enjoyed seeing photos of those who have donated money to his JustGiving page with all proceeds going to NHS Charities Together.

"Connor has now raised more than £400 and has many more requests coming his way.

"His first ribbons went to family and friends and then his big order went to NHS care packages and to date he has sent them to SECAmb nurses, doctors, NHS administrators, social work teams, local police, Tesco staff, the fire service, banking and teaching staff, care home staff, lorry drivers and vets.

"He is so excited when I tell him he has more orders to make. He is currently making some for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, and has had a personal request to make some for the postman and bin man.

"He is now expanding his creativity and making a personal design for an alternative badge for all keyworkers.

"We are incredibly proud of Connor. He is our hero. We admire him for his resilience during this crazy time and love him very, very much."

You can read more about Connor’s efforts and sponsor him by visiting his JustGiving page