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Adults in Sussex who stammer invited to complete survey

Date: 12 October 2021

Adults in Sussex who stammer are being invited to complete a short online survey to help improve the SCFT service designed to meet their needs. 

The questionnaire has been developed by Heather Robinson, a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Trust expert in adult dysfluency and stammering, and is open until Monday 8 November

Heather said she would “love to hear from all residents in Sussex who identify as a person who stammers”, adding: “This survey is one way of helping us hear and understand the issues they face and what they need from our service.” 

It is estimated that three per cent of the adult population identify as having a stammer. Most will seek support from a speech and language therapist at critical times in their lives. 

The survey aims to capture the views of adults in Sussex who access this type of help by asking them questions about their expectations, the service’s effect on their stammering, and the types of assistance they would like to receive. 

Designed with service users and SCFT staff, the survey consists of 13 questions, takes minutes to complete, and is anonymous and confidential. 

Although it is aimed at adults aged 18 and over, Heather is also keen to record the views of older teenagers who stammer, who have taken their GCSEs, and who may be considering speech and language therapy support as they move on from school. 

Stamma (the national association for stammering) and Brighton and Hove Stammering Support Group are raising awareness of the survey and encouraging members resident in Sussex to fill it in. 

Stamma’s free helpline is 0808 802 0002 and email is help@stamma.org. Webchat is also available on its website

Brighton and Hove Stammering Support group can be contacted via its website

Information and contact details are available on the Speech and Language Therapy for Adults section of the Trust’s website, and Heather can be contacted via email at SC-TR.BrightonandHoveSLT-Adults@nhs.net