Blessing at Arundel   Mr Mrs Ashton   cropped
Wedding blessing at Arundel Community & District Hospital
26 June 2014

Wedding blessing at Arundel Community & District Hospital

Arundel Community & District Hospital held a wedding blessing so a grandfather could be part of their grandchild’s wedding celebrations.

With help from the local chaplain Rev. Steve Lomas, our ward manager Clare Crossley and the league of friends who provided the cream cakes, the grandfather, patients and staff witnessed the blessing.

The groom and bride, Tim and Mandy Ashton said “We are so thankful to Arundel Community & District Hospital for their hard work. Everything worked out perfectly and it was great our grandfather was part of our wedding blessing”.

Clare Crossley, matron said “The blessing was a pleasure to organise. It created an exciting buzz around the hospital. I know our patients and staff enjoyed it. Providing quality, compassionate and personalised care is our priority”.  

The community hospital cares for adults following illness or injury with the aim to maximise their abilities so people can live as independently as possible and get back home, when it is safe to do so.