Time to Talk Health
23 October 2017

Time to Talk Health service making a real difference for patients in West Sussex


Provided by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT), this free NHS Time to Talk Health service offers talking therapies for people who are finding it difficult to cope with their long-term health conditions. It’s part of a national initiative to provide additional support to people with physical health conditions who have become worried, anxious or low in mood.

Since the service started in May, the friendly team of therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals have been working to improve the health of local people in West Sussex who live with diabetes, heart and/or lung conditions. Time to Talk Health provides convenient non-medical treatment either over the phone, in patients’ homes or at a hospital clinic – whichever the patient feels most comfortable with. 

Ed Brennan, Head of Service, SCFT said “We’re very proud of the impact we’re already making. Early feedback from patients suggests we’re providing the right kind of treatment at the right time.”

Here is some feedback the service has received from patients:

Having support and encouragement has helped me to accept what has happened to me and find a way to move forwards.” (A lady living with a heart condition).

“‘Your support has enabled me to remain focused on my diabetes management despite having to manage my other health problems as well.” (A man living with diabetes after five face-to-face sessions).

“I am over the moon – I am feeling so much better, and therefore I want to do things. I think the main reason is you. I feel I’m not stuck in a corner; I’ve got someone to talk to. Talking to you has made a difference.”

“I feel better in myself. I’ve been able to tell myself ‘it’s not my fault’ and I believe myself. Talking to you has been enormously helpful.” (A men with a history of heart attacks).

Anyone aged 18+ who is register with a West Sussex GP who is struggling with diabetes, a heart and/or a lung condition, is encouraged to speak with the friendly Time to Talk Health team by: