staff surveyresults 2013
SCT welcomes positive NHS Staff Survey results
04 March 2014

The results of the annual NHS Staff Survey 2013 show positive and much improved results for the trust, both year-on-year and in comparison with other community trusts. 

Sixteen of the trust’s scores (out of a total of 28) were above the community trust average and only four were very slightly below average. 

Substantial improvements 

The trust’s overall staff engagement score, which measures an employee’s ability to contribute towards improvements, whether they would recommend the trust as a place to work or receive treatment and their motivation, has improved and is better than the community trust average.  

This is an important measure given evidence from national bodies such as NHS Employers linking a high level of staff engagement to good patient care and other indicators of a positive culture.

Speaking about this year’s results, Caroline Beardall, SCT’s director of human resources, organisational development and communications, said: “The survey results for 2013 show that the actions we’ve put in place over the past two years have helped to substantially improve the working experience for our staff. 

“We are delighted that staff have reported growing levels of engagement over the past three years and this is now significantly above average for other community trusts. Our staff say they feel able to make suggestions and improvements at work, would recommend SCT as a place to work or receive treatment and are enthusiastic and motivated by their work. 

“There is, of course, more to do and the survey helps us to identify where to focus our efforts in the coming months and ensure we continue to improve.” 

SCT’s NHS Staff Survey results have been improving every year, since the trust was established in 2010, and much of this is as a result of actions directly undertaken following each survey. These have helped to improve the rate of staff appraisals, improved supervision, better support to staff, improved communications and quicker recruitment timescales. 

Areas for improvement

SCT will now focus attention on supporting staff who experience stress, tackling a culture of working extra hours and protecting staff from bullying, harassment or abuse from patients or members of the public.

The staff survey information provides the trust with valuable insight and its Healthier Workforce Group has been and will continue to develop arrangements that will enhance the wellbeing of staff.

See the NHS Staff Survey website for full details.