SCFT teams jump into action for Dementia Action Week #DAW2019
24 May 2019

SCFT teams jump into action for Dementia Action Week #DAW2019

As community health care providers, our goal is to provide compassionate care to everyone in our community. Sussex is recognised as having a high population of people with dementia so it’s wonderful to see our teams coming together with other organisations to share information, raise awareness and share their experiences.

On Monday, we welcomed colleagues and healthcare professionals from all over the region to Brighton General Hospital to talk about Dementia.

Sussex Partnership kicked off the day to talk about Specialist Older Adults Mental Health followed by a presentation from charity organisation Dementia UK. We also welcomed members from the Alzheimer’s society, Dementia Action Alliance and Admiral Nurses (specialist dementia nurses).

The afternoon was rounded off nicely with a Wishing Well Music Therapy Workshop. Wishing Well have been working in partnership with SCFT for many years following a research study which found that music significantly improved the wellbeing of patients with dementia. Read more about that study here and see them in action at Viking Ward below:

Crawley hospital was visited on Wednesday by Dennis Batchelor, who demonstrated an innovative and exciting way of providing therapy to dementia patients using a robotic seal, named Paro.

Paro the seal has been found to reduce patient stress, stimulate interaction, enhance relaxation and improve socialisation of patients. The initiative allows the documented benefits of animal therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended care facilities, where live animals present treatment or logistical difficulties.

Alison Keizer, Dementia Lead for the Trust said:

‘It’s important that we always give good dementia care to the patients, carers and families who use our services. It’s essential they have good quality of life, and that each and every one of us does this in a supportive and person–centred way. Great dementia care will engage, provide stability and security through the best support to everyone we care.‘

See some of the activity for Dementia Action week below: