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Positive Staff Survey
23 February 2016

Our staff give positive feedback in national NHS staff survey

In the national 2015 NHS staff survey published this week our staff responded more positively than the average for the NHS across England in 20 of the survey’s 32 key findings.

Nearly 1,900 of our staff responded, around 200 more than in 2014, offering significant insight into what it feels like to work at the trust and providing feedback that will help our trust board consider what works well and what needs to be improved.

We're hopeful that this strong performance will help us retain our place in the Health Service Journal (HSJ) 120 best places to work in the NHS in England list for the third consecutive year. This is due out later this year and is based largely on the results of the annual staff survey.

Where we did well in the 2015 staff survey

Our staff engagement measure went up again – as it has each year since we were established in 2010 – and is significantly above the average for all trusts in England.

This is a particularly important score given independent research evidence that links high levels of staff engagement in the NHS with better patient care.

Our highest scores include our staff saying:

  • They are motivated at work.
  • Their role makes a difference to patients.
  • They see effective team working.
  • They feel able to contribute to improvements at work.
  • The organisation provides equal opportunities for carer progression/promotion.

Our staff are also more likely than the national average to say that:

  • They would recommend the trust as a place to work or receive treatment.
  • They are recognised and valued by managers and the organisation.
  • Quality of appraisals.
  • The organisation provides support for staff health and wellbeing.

We're also one of the top five NHS organisations in the south of England where the lowest percentage of staff disagree or strongly disagree with the statement: “If a friend or relative needed treatment I would be happy with the standard of care provided by this organisation." Click here to see this coverage in the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

Where we need to do better

The areas where our scores fair worse when compared to other community trusts are around staff experiencing both physical and verbal attacks from patients, relatives or the public. And staff feeling under pressure to come to work when unwell, however when you drill down into the detail 97% of staff said they put the pressure on themselves to come to work when they’re unwell, and not from their manager/employer.

There has been an increase in staff experiencing discrimination either from patients or colleagues and experiencing bullying and harassment from other staff members.

Our chief executive Paula Head says:

"I’m delighted that our 2015 staff survey results demonstrate improvements on last year and a very high proportion of our scores show we’re better than other community trusts in England. In fact, we perform really well nationally in comparison with all NHS organisations with some key indicators in the top 20% of all trusts in the NHS. We should all be proud of these results and the level of dedication and commitment from our staff in delivering our vision of excellent care at the heart of the community.

“On behalf of the trust board, I thank our staff for their positive comments, and for being open and honest in highlighting concerns.

"Our board is currently reviewing all the findings from the staff survey. We’ll look to implement actions to ensure we tackle any form of discrimination, bullying and harassment seriously and ensure our staff are informed of all the support that is available to them and what they need to do when this happens.

You can view our summary results here.

Read this week's weekly message from our chief executive Paula Head covering our 2015 staff survey results.

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