Our three nurseries get OUTSTANDING and GOOD Ofsted ratings
21 August 2017

Our three nurseries get OUTSTANDING and GOOD Ofsted ratings

Hilltop Nursey at Brighton General Hospital achieves OUTSTANDING Ofsted rating

Ofsted said: “Children are extremely well behaved and polite. Staff share high-quality information, which supports children's interests and needs. The consistency of care between home and the nursery is excellent and completely supports children to feel secure.

“Staff provide exciting and stimulating activities that enable children to be highly absorbed and engaged in play. The nurseries exceptionally high standards for improvement ensure children are cared for in an extremely safe, stimulating and welcoming environment. Excellent teaching helps all children, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, to develop skills rapidly ready for their future learning.” You can view the full report here.

Butterfly Nursery at Hove Polyclinic which achieves OUTSTANDING for personal development, behaviour and welfare of the children and overall GOOD Ofsted rating

Ofsted said: "The team know children exceptionally well and highly value their unique qualities. They have a genuine enthusiasm in celebrating children's individual achievements and encouraging their strong self-esteem. Staff make detailed observations, and accurately assess and plan regularly to meet children's needs, taking account of their interests. Management routinely monitors children's development to support children to make good progress in their learning.

"The team know how to positively promote children's excellent behaviour. They allow children to make choices and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions. Staff explain reasons for rules, supporting children to know the expectations they have for them." You can view the full report here.

Rainbow Nursery at Crawley Hospital achieves a GOOD Ofsted rating

Ofsted said: “Staff have strong relationships with parents. They include them in all aspects of their children's ongoing development and value their feedback to help them improve. The nursey team provide children with an exciting environment to explore and in which to learn. They know children well and have a good understanding of their interests and next steps. This has a positive impact on children's learning.” You can view the full report here.

Cara Mitchell, Nursery Business Manager, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust said "Achieving outstanding and good Ofsted ratings across our three nurseries is just the icing on the cake. Our staff work extremely closely with families so we can provide the best possible childcare in a safe, modern and engaging environment. Our wonderful, stimulating nurseries have everything from a messy play areas, mud kitchens, fully equipped gardens and relaxation rooms and book corners for quiet time.”

The nurseries offers 30 hours free-funding per week on a flexible basis and are open from 7am to 7pm for NHS staff and the local community.  

The nurseries are open to all families for children aged zero to five with drop ‘n’ go childcare now also available. Further information is available online: www.sussexcommunity.nhs.uk/nurseries or email: sc-tr.sctnursery@nhs.net.