Left to right: Councillor Frances Haigh; Judy Dronfield, Clinical Lead, Minor Injuries Unit; Councillor David Skipp
Left to right: Councillor Frances Haigh; Judy Dronfield, Clinical Lead, Minor Injuries Unit; Councillor David Skipp
Our teams hosts a visit at Horsham Hospital with Horsham councillors
07 May 2014

Our teams host a visit with councillors at Horsham Hospital

Our staff hosted a visit by councillors of the Health Provision Working Group of Horsham District Council yesterday to meet our community, nursing and therapy teams who help support people to live healthy, independent lives in their own homes or in our inpatient wards.

Councillors Frances Haigh, Elizabeth Kitchen, Kathleen Rowbottom and David Skipp met with our teams to learn more about our work to support people in the community with long term conditions, including young children and their families, and the frail elderly.

They saw our:

  • Admission Avoidance Team who provide rapid assessment and care to prevent people who are unwell being admitted to hospital.
  • Intermediate Care Team who provide short-term (up to 6 weeks) support to help people recover from illness or injury.
  • Time to Talk service who provide talking therapy treatments to help with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem and relationship difficulties.
  • Community Nursing who play a crucial role in caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities: housebound patients who have a long-term health condition and/or the frail elderly.
  • Horizon Unit, a 38-bedded unit for people who need short-term rehabilitation or palliative care. The unit is seeing more elderly people with multiple, complex conditions including dementia.
  • Minor Injuries Unit who assist and treat minor injuries including fractures and cuts for both adults and children. The unit is staffed by emergency nurse practitioners and other nursing staff. X-ray facilities are available on site.

Councillors Frances Haigh later tweeted: “Did you know 90% of NHS services are provided in the community by dedicated staff such as SCT? Unsung heroes keeping us all well.”

Dee Suter, senior locality nurse, SCT said: “Our teams work with people to help avoid deterioration in their health, to keep them in their home where they prefer to be and to help them to get back home following a period of hospital stay with appropriate care and support."

Horsham councillors learnt a lot about our work in the community to help people live healthy, independent lives.