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New Hospital@Home Service
24 October 2016

New Hospital@Home service for patients in Brighton & Hove

We have been developing a ‘Hospital at Home’ service, in partnership with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH), who provide services out of Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH), Brighton.

This service is delivering more care in the community, to free up capacity within the hospital to care for people with the greatest need for a hospital bed. We know that most people would prefer to be treated at home, or as close to home as possible.

These people, who would have normally had a hospital stay, are now supported by our nursing and therapy staff in their own homes. As well as benefiting patients with the aim to improve outcomes, the hospital benefits too as it creates more overall capacity and reduces their delays for patients who are waiting for a bed. It also demonstrates the excellent and effective care we can provide in the community.

The service is initially focusing on providing intravenous (IV) therapy and will be quickly be expanded to provide services such as vacuum wound treatment.

Patient feedback

One of our first patients who benefited from the service wrote to describe how much of a positive difference being treated at home has had for both himself and his family. He said: “I had two seizures caused by an infection in my brain just a week after my wife gave birth to our twins. I came home after two weeks in hospital and was extremely pleased to get home to my own bed and my family. It is much more restful and puts less pressure on my family to have me at home. The nurses do a fantastic job, they are incredibly thorough with their cleaning and administering of the medication and they are also diligent in assessing my progress. Communication also seems very good between the three nurses that come so I never feel I have to endlessly repeat my story. This service has been invaluable as a link to the hospital and in making my recovery manageable for myself and my family. It’s still a long road but being at home makes a huge difference.”

We are looking for new people and staff to join our new Hospital@Home service

We have a range of positions available including temporary shifts. We particularly need nurses who are skilled in providing IV therapies. Come and join our new and exciting team, supporting people in their own homes.

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