NHS nurseries supporting Sussex families
15 February 2019

Hundreds of Sussex families supported by NHS nurseries

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust's (SCFT) three nurseries care for children aged from three months to five years.

SCFT's nurseries are a vibrant part of our working community. Many of our services and teams for instance received a lovely gift box around Christmas time full of tea, coffee and biscuits from one of the nurseries in Brighton, Crawley or Hove. And many of the parents work for Sussex Community or are local to the area.

Saying thank you to our teams

You may not know that according to OFSTED’s inspections during 2017, two of the nurseries had outstanding characteristics and they were all rated either as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

Hilltop Nursery at Brighton General Hospital (celebrating its 30th birthday this month), Butterfly Nursery at Hove Polyclinic and Rainbow Nursery at Crawley Hospital usually open to coincide with a standard working day although they recently introduced hourly 'drop ‘n’ go’ sessions.

Support 168 families the nurseries have a fantastic team of 34 colleagues, including six nursery apprentices working towards their Level 3 qualifications and seven volunteers who dedicate themselves to caring for the children and keeping things running smoothly.

A recent initiative within the nurseries was the introduction of Makaton with the children.

Iona and Sarah Dodd, nursery nurse, saying 'thank you' using Makaton

Using Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away using signs and symbols. 

You can see some of the children in action at a recent graduation ceremony via this link: training graduation video.

If you'd like to know more about our nurseries, they are active on social media: @sct_nurseries & Facebook

More information about the nurseries service is available here.