Inpatient Ward at Midhurst Community Hospital
15 April 2016

Inpatient Ward at Midhurst Community Hospital

Today we have started the process of temporarily winding-down 17-bed inpatient ward (the Bailey Unit) which is one of the services hosted at Midhurst Community Hospital. Other services at Midhurst Community Hospital are not affected.

The trust has been forced to take decisive action after a recent deterioration in staffing levels meant that it could no longer guarantee patient safety. This follows long-term challenges securing either permanent or agency nursing staff available to work in the Midhurst area. 

The temporary closure will allow the trust to explore solutions with the local community with the aim of addressing the issue as soon as possible.

There are currently 11 patients on the ward who – following consultation with each patient, their families and carers - are moving to additional beds the trust are opening up at other existing sites including Salvington Lodge in Worthing.

Dr Richard Quirk, Medical Director at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The decision to temporarily close the ward has been taken in the interests of patient safety. This has not been an easy decision, we have looked at every available option open to us.

“We have run numerous recruitment campaigns and also tried to bring in agency nurses. The simple fact is that the registered nurses we need are not available in this area. We ask that any registered nurses who might be interested in working in Midhurst get in contact with our recruitment team.

“We are working with Midhurst residents and Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to discuss potential solutions so that we can address these issues as soon as possible.”