Flu vaccination for children in Years 1 and 2
07 October 2015

Flu vaccination for children in Years 1 and 2

From this month, all children in school years 1 and 2 in England will be offered a flu vaccination in the form of a nasal spray. Sussex Community NHS Trust (SCT) will administer the vaccination in West Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

Children will be offered the vaccination in school because school-based immunisation programmes provide a very effective means of delivering important health programmes to children, so ensuring good uptake. The vaccine will be offered to children from October to January.

Rosanna Raven, SCT Immunisation Nurse Specialist, said, “Flu can be a very unpleasant illness for a child. Annual immunisation will not only provide important protection to individual children but will also reduce the spread of flu to their families and the wider community, protecting younger siblings, grandparents and others who are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill from flu.”

All parents of children in Years 1 and 2 will be sent a letter explaining what is proposed and asked to sign a consent form. SCT will liaise with head teachers to arrange mutually suitable dates for SCT’s specialist immunisation nurses to visit each school.

For more information please visit our Immunisation service page.