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Diabetes Care For You marks 1st Year Anniversary
07 July 2017

Diabetes Care For You Service marks 1st Year Anniversary

This month marks the first year anniversary of the community diabetes service known as Diabetes Care For You.

In the last decade the number of people living with diabetes has increased by 60 per cent (Diabetes UK). This is expected to rise further coupled with an increase in complication rates and poor outcomes. Therefore it was clear to the local clinical commissioning groups of Brighton & Hove and the High Weald Lewes Havens area of East Sussex that the way in which diabetes care was being delivered had to change. A move away from the traditional hospital centric model to allow more flexibility and accessibility into specialist diabetes services in the community was needed.

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust won the contract to provide this new community diabetes service and took on the huge challenge of designing and delivering a new model of care. July 2016 saw the launch of the ‘Diabetes Care For You’ service in Brighton & Hove and the High Weald, Lewes and Havens area of East Sussex. The main difference is that the new service is a consultant-led multidisciplinary team, based in the community, with a clear focus on ensuring that all patients receive both the basics of diabetes care – the so-called nine key care processes (which include blood pressure checks, glucose control monitoring and foot assessments) – as well as the best aspects of specialist care, for all patients with type 1 and complex type 2 diabetes.

Dr Paul Grant, clinical lead for Diabetes Care For You said, “We are fortunate that not only do we have all the right team members; podiatrists, clinical nurse specialists and dieticians, but we also provide psychological care and support. We have a specialist nurse who specifically supports young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 who live with diabetes. We are lucky that our clinical commissioning groups recognised the huge psychological burden that people have who live with a long-term condition like diabetes. Our service includes psychotherapists and psychologists as part of our growing team”.

What the team has delivered so far

In the first year, there have been over 1,300 consultant consultations, 3,000 diabetes specialist nurse appointments and 2,000 complex podiatry patient reviews. Feedback from patients and carers has been very positive. Plans for the second year are to roll out greater use of technological solutions and to deliver more structured education for people living with diabetes in order for them to be able to feel more in control and empowered to manage their own condition better.

Great work from our Diabetes Care For You Team.