Developing our Community Multi-Faith Chaplaincy
05 November 2018

Developing our Community Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Across Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) we are proactively planning to modernise the way that we provide our chaplaincy service.

We provide a number of inpatients units at community hospitals across Sussex, and we are keen to provide our patients, their families and carers, and our colleagues with a chaplaincy service that is in keeping with our daily lives.

Currently we do not provide a SCFT run chaplaincy service across all our inpatient units, and those where a service is available is provided under different local arrangements. To provide a modern and consistent chaplaincy service across all our inpatient units we are working together with our local colleagues and stakeholders to develop a service to be provided by SCFT which is inclusive of multiple faiths and belief groups.

We are therefore going ahead with our plan to appoint a Lead Multi-Faith Chaplain who will be focused on the spiritual welfare of patients, their families and carers, and our colleagues in the community. The Chaplain will work with all religious and belief groups, and other wellbeing agencies across West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and the High Weald, Lewes and Havens area of East Sussex, to develop a network of resources to enhance and support the wellbeing of the people we support and care for.

The new SCFT run chaplaincy service will provide a more comprehensive and consistent service across Sussex, with dedicated leadership to ensure the needs of patients and colleagues are met.

This is an exciting piece of work. It will involve change as we seek to refocus our chaplaincy service to better meet the needs of our community. We are currently in consultation with our existing chaplaincy providers about the change, with the guidance of the United Kingdom Board of Healthcare Chaplains.

We anticipate the new SCFT chaplaincy service to start from April 2019.

If you have any questions about the existing chaplaincy service or would like to discuss the plan for the new service, please contact Damien Brennan, Co-Chair Religion & Beliefs Network, SCFT:

Tel: 01273 696011 ext. 3568
Mobile: 07990 526534