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Dare to Care challenge
03 February 2015

Our Dare to Care challenge begins

Our staff in Brighton and Hove and West Sussex begin the ‘Dare to Care’ challenge this week as part of the trust’s aim to deliver health services that care for the environment as well as people.

Staff are being asked to sign up to a challenge to help reduce waste and carbon emissions. This could be anything from printing double sided, switching off lights or taking the bus to work instead of driving.

Dare to Care is part of the trust’s sustainable healthcare strategy called Care Without Carbon. It provides a way to cut costs, improve the wellbeing of staff and patients and helps to reduce waste and emissions.

Paula Head, chief executive at SCT, said: “As a responsible NHS trust, we want to encourage our dedicated staff to help us deliver healthcare in a greener and more environmentally responsible way.

“By taking part in the Dare to Care challenge our staff can have some fun and work in a way that’s better for them, our patients, our community and the environment.

“My dare is to reduce my car journeys and take more walks. I look forward to other staff joining me with their dares!”

Staff (as well as patients) can take a dare on the website - and find some great tips for a greener lifestyle as well as news and updates on our collective progress towards a greener NHS. And with the wider support of the local community we’re confident that collective action can create the change we want.


Sussex Community NHS Trust, working in partnership with Capita, is taking an innovative approach to delivering health services that care for the environment as well as people. It is called Care Without Carbon.

In February 2014 Sussex Community Trust set out plans to achieve a 34% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, with the ultimate the aim of being a carbon neutral healthcare provider.

Sussex Community NHS Trust in partnership with Capita has won the Sustainability Achievement Award at the annual Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) Awards.