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Clinical assessment unit 3rd anniversary
20 November 2014

Crawley clinical assessment unit celebrates third anniversary

Our clinical assessment unit (CAU) at Crawley Hospital celebrated its third anniversary recently with a special event for staff and patients.

The CAU was established in 2011 to provide rapid assessment and treatment for patients to help prevent admission to acute hospital. Patients are referred to the unit by their GP, a paramedic or other health care professional.

The team which includes specialist doctors, nurses and therapists, has recently expanded helping to bring further specialist skills and knowledge to allow treatment of patients with a range of conditions and needs.

Based at the same site as the Crawley Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC), the unit often treats patients who require follow-up care from the UTC. Sue Moody, lead nurse at the CAU explains: “We treat patients with a wide range of conditions, from chest infections, heart failure to headaches.

“Our overall aim is to prevent deterioration in the patient’s condition that could otherwise lead to an emergency admission. We can carry out various investigations such as blood tests, x rays and scans on site quickly so that a diagnosis can be made and treatment commenced.

“Some 80% of patients seen are able to return home following discharge. Other patients can be referred to our community services so that they can be cared for at home.”

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Photo caption: The Clinical Assessment Unit team celebrate their third anniversary L to R: Sue Moody, lead nurse; Dr Patil, lead clinician; Dawn Sayers, staff nurse and Ellie Vasquez, sister.