Adambrett award win
Celebrating success at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services
22 January 2014

Children and young people at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services (CHCS) celebrated success recently at the centre’s annual achievement award, known as the Adam Walker Award. 

Jane Windsor, head of clinical support and therapies at CHCS, together with the senior management team at Chailey Heritage School and CHCS selects the winners, said: “These awards are for young people who have demonstrated great determination in achieving their goals. They do so against the odds and are an example to us all.” 

The three winning pupils

The three winning pupils were Adam Brett (15), Mathew Hoadley (9) and Ethan (18). All of whom are pupils of Chailey Heritage School and are cared for and supported by the multi-professional CHCS team of nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, medical staff and rehabilitation engineers. 

Adam Brett (pictured above with his mother Caroline and teaching assistant Emma Marchant), was nominated by his teacher and nursing team for remaining positive and determined after overcoming surgery and associated complications. During this time, despite having very restricted movement for a year, Adam remained cheerful and exceeded expectations. 

Adam’s care team at CHCS said: “Adam has not only fought adversity every step of the way, but also has done so with a beaming smile across his face. We nominated Adam because during what has been a very tough time, he has shown bravery and determination to make the best of his situation and engaged with everyday activities in class and after school.” 

Caroline Brett, Adam’s mother, said: “I’m so proud of Adam. He’s been so cheerful despite everything.  With the fantastic support he’s had from the amazing teams at CHCS he’s done very well and has been incredibly brave.” 

Mathew Hoadley (pictured above) was nominated by his physiotherapist, Gill Jones, who said: Following an operation and associated pain and discomfort, Mathew had stopped riding his trike. His aim for last year was to start riding his trike again, at least once a week. Through determination, Mathew achieved his goal and in November managed a significant trike ride, the longest for two years, without discomfort and with a smile on his face.” 

Jackie, Mathew’s mother, said: “Mathew has achieved so much and we’re very proud of him.” 

Ethan (pictured above) was nominated by his teacher Liz Platt, who said: “Despite suffering several episodes of illness and health complications, through his determination and optimism, Ethan is recovering well and attending more sessions at school. 

“He has shown me that with consistent love and care from people around you, you can get better.  I feel very privileged to work with him and very inspired by his recovery.” 

This year the achievement award is dedicated to the memory of an ex-Chailey pupil and colleague, Adam Walker, who sadly died last year, aged 31. Adam had cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis. This gave him a unique experience of the world and he used this experience to help and inform others. Adam was dedicated to speak out on behalf of children and young people with disability. 

Jane Windsor explains: “This is a very fitting award to have named after Adam and all our nominees this year are very deserving winners.” 

Runners up for this year’s award were: Matthew Daniel, Harley Humphreys and Harriet Mason, all three have been very determined and successful in achieving some of their personal clinical goals. 

For more information see the Chailey Heritage Clinical Services page.