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A Cancer Landscape - new exhibition
29 January 2015

A Cancer Landscape – new exhibition at the ONCA Gallery

A ground-breaking exhibition, A Cancer Landscape, hosted by Sussex Community NHS Trust, will run from 16-28 February at the ONCA gallery in Brighton during the Brighton Science Festival.

Featuring vivid and compelling representations of emotional responses to cancer by acclaimed Brighton artist Michele Angel Petrone together with bio-medical images from Wellcome Images, the exhibition aims to promote a better understanding of cancer and our response to it.

Art therapy workshops, organised by Sussex Community NHS Trust’s health promotion cancer screening team, were held last year to invite people to express their own cancer landscape using a range of artistic methods. These thought provoking pieces will also be on display as part of the exhibition.

Speaking about the exhibition, Margaret Felton, health promotion specialist at Sussex Community NHS Trust, said: “Cancer is a major part of all our lives, making it visible, talking about it and expressing our individual experience of cancer helps us to deal with it in all its forms. As part of our work in the health promotion cancer team we communicate how to reduce risks, get screened, recognise early symptoms and live with cancer.

This exhibition provides an opportunity to create, exhibit and view a cancer landscape from different perspectives. It is a new approach, challenging and exciting. Producing our emotional response to cancer and place it alongside medical images is a powerful experience, one that we want everyone to be part of.”

Catherine Draycott, head of Wellcome Images, said: “Imagery is fundamental to informing and shaping our understanding of the world around us, whether that is an up close scan of a cancerous cell, or an artwork telling the story of someone affected by it.

“We are delighted that images from the Wellcome Images picture library will contribute to the Cancer Landscape Exhibition, and form part of a project that creatively explores its impact.”

Find out more about Sussex Community NHS Trust's health promotion cancer screening team.

A Cancer Landscape

A Cancer Landscape is a collaboration with Sussex Community NHS Trust together with Macmillan Cancer Support, ONCA Gallery, Brighton Science Festival, Wellcome Images, MAP Foundation and Brighton Therapy Centre.

  • The exhibition will run from 16 to 28 February, at the ONCA Gallery, 14 St George’s Place, Brighton.
  • Opening times: Monday to Friday 12pm – 7pm, Sat & Sun 11am – 6pm
  • Entry is free.